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On the wall of exhibition at Louvre, I put up messages to the visitors;

Are you a voyant, seer?
Can you feel great nature’s emotions?
Can you read water’s expressions in the currents?

It was my letter of challenge to everyone, as well as a warning for the art being so exaggerating on techniques, and showing off of the ego of the artists.

At the same time, I wanted to express my feeling to proud of Japanese people’s sense of art, saying “you would not understand the delicacy of these works. We, Japanese, have acute sense to understand these expressions of nature”. 

Contrary to what I expected, it was a good and surprising miscalculation that I encountered so many people who shared the same understandings of my works.  Moreover, I have to admit that I met more people who had deeper understanding and compassion towards my work in these cross-cultural circumstances.  That makes me confident that true beauty and ultimate sensation towards the art can be shared transcending borders and races.

Around the turn of the year, each person’s strong will is the ultimate power to create new future.

Photo: Yu Nozaki



I am the boss of my works, and I can give a command to them.  Nine of my works form one big flow all together.  When I left the venue at the end of each day during my exhibition, I stopped the flow by saying “this is it for today” so that they could rest as well.

Every morning at the venue, I talked to each of my works and asked “how are you doing today?  Are you feeling all right?”  When everybody was ready, I started a day saying “let’s make pure and fresh flows today as well”.  It makes everyone awake, by moving small waves in each work, and started to form a big flow.  The flow became a nice breeze and cleaned the air of my booth.  Everyone who came to see my work enjoyed the nice and fresh air.  I could see that by looking at people’s face with gentle smile; some said “the air around here is different from the other booth”, or another says “something feels good in here”.  

Photo: Yu Nozaki



At the exhibition, nine of my works were displayed horizontally.  You can imagine the gentle flow of the time and great circulation of the universe by looking at them objectively all together.
Or, if you look at each piece, fresh energy will flow into you with waves.  People reacted differently; however, it seemed that most of the visitors enjoyed present sensation from the work.

One woman even shed tears by moved so much.  Many French people described my work as “poetic”.  I wonder what did the word mean exactly to them, and questioned them.  It seemed that there was something the work spoke to them, yet, that was beyond words.  I always longed to express the freedom, calmness, and solemness in a big scale within my art.  Therefore, I am happy to see the people enjoyed my work according to my intention.

If people start to see the flow of time as a bird view, some drastic change will happen to each of them. 

Photo : Yu Nozaki



I just came back from Paris where I had an exhibition at Carrousel du Lourve in the Louvre Museum in France.

On December 7th, I made a courtesy visit to a Japanese embassy in France. On 8th, the following day, there was an opening party organized by Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts with many special guests, such as Ambassador Ichiro Komatsu, Setsuko Klossowska de Rola, and selected artists from all over the world.  The exhibition was held until December 11th.

I was invited to the exhibition as a Japan delegation.  Ten of my friends came from Japan with me and helped from setting up the venue, translating during the exhibition to the closing.  The teamwork helped to enhance to the good atmosphere of my booth, and throughout the exhibition, it was always people around my works.

I shared interests, questions, compassion, and understanding of my work with numerous numbers of visitors.  There were many occasions where we appreciate each other’s special meetings, and they made it assure that this exhibition was very successful and fruitful.

Just a quick note on my return.



I will be out of town for Paris and have an exhibition at Carrousel du Louvre, France, invited by Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts from 8th to 11th of December.
There will not be any update on this blog for a while.

At the exhibition, I will display 9 of my Ryusuimon work and Water God.

The theme of the exhibition is “Be conscious of water”.  I would like to appeal to people that Japan as a land of water.  When you become conscious of water, you will know the importance of water, how grateful it is, and will be thankful for it.

I will be connected to the people who also pray for the eternal riches of the earth. 

When I return from Paris, I will post a report on this blog.

Thank you for your support, and sorry for the inconvenience it may occur.