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Even a mere precipitation from the sky is exciting, and snow, which is pure-white and soft, comes down from the sky while dancing.

I open my umbrella and catch the snow before it reaches to the ground.
I make a small ball and put in my mouth.
Inside of my mouth will be filled with something cold;
soon it becomes water while I am trying to examine the texture.
It does not feel like water, though;
It is something sacred which comes from far away from the sky.
It may be a sublimed life-force which has circulated in the universe.



Frost in the winter amuses us with the moment of nowness.
The white creature, which rests on numerous things on the earth.
The moisture in the air becomes ice and covers the surface of the frost.
More moisture rests on the frost, and makes an object.
If you look it closely with a magnifier, you will be amazed with the arbitrary art by the nature, which is far beautiful than computer graphic.

Another amusement is a frost crystal, which sometimes becomes 5 cm tall needle and even higher.
Every needle has a cap on top; it may be a small stone, a fallen leave, or soil.
Each crystal looks like a unique creature.

Both frost and crystal are different forms of water.



Waterfowls gather around the water, where they can find favorite fishes.  Their feathers do not get wet, and they do not feel cold easily.  They stay harmoniously together all the time; while they come, go, and stay on the water.

Hey waterfowls! You certainly add colors to Japanese winter.  Do you know that Japanese water is sweet to you?



When you walk in nature around this season, you will find many fallen leaves on the ground.  They make a pile after blown by the wind.  If you step on them, they make dry sound and amuse your ears. 

The leaves just fell from the tree are still remain moist.  They still contain water within them.  The water makes the color in the leaves.  After they stay on the ground for a while, the sun will dry the leaves. 
The ground also absorbs the water from the leaves, but some water stays with the leaves until they become into very small pieces.  By then, the color has been disappeared. 

The leaves keep their original shapes as long as the water stays with them.



You can see flows of water in the background of Da Vinci’s masterpieces, such as Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, and Virgin of the Rocks.  Why did he prefer to paint pictures with water which flowed from high mountains?  It is also said that Mona Lisa’s hair was painted after the close study of the water movements.

He left many sketches of water, and he depicted how the water flowed on the side of the river.  It is interesting for me to see how he ‘described’ the details of the flows; when the water hit a piece of wood or a board, it made fractions with it while making swirls and escaped to continue its journey.

My Ryusui-mon caught the flows of water in which Da Vinci was interested.  Therefore, I am positive that Da Vince must have wanted to see my works.  One of his works which draws from a small stream, a big flow, and turns into a big flood is very powerful.

Also, he left many scriptures on water.  Among them, for example, it reads “Water is the Charioteer of the nature” and “Water changes everything together with time”.  Meanwhile, I would like to say “Water is the Charioteer of all the living beings” and “Water creates the time”…



Since I mentioned about Leonard Da Vince in New Year’s message, I would like to share my interests in him.

After ten years since I started Ryusuimon, I came across articles and sketches on water by Da Vince.  Through my time I spent with my artwork, I was made to realize his accuracy and fineness on watching, depicting, and expressing the water.  The more I spent time with water, the more strong I felt to show my work to Da Vince.  It came to a point which made me convinced that Da Vince would say to see my work; “this is what I wanted to see!” if he were alive today. 
Since then, my vision is to have a collaborated exhibition of Da Vince’s water sketches and my Ryusuimon, having crossing 550 years of time and have conversation through our works.

Da Vince, as a great natural scientist who aspired the eternal life of the earth, once warned people with a catastrophic flood for abusing the water.  Therefore, I believe this event will become a very important opportunity to share the importance and preciousness of water with people all over the world,



I am feeling happy to have chance to celebrate a new year with you all.
It is very important to have a vision which you want to become and you want to do.  In order to make the vision to come true, however, you need a strong will power.

The heaven will enforce the power to accomplish the vision if you really concentrate.  I announce my commitment to hold a collaborated exhibition with Leonard Da Vinci, and make good efforts this year.  This is what I want to do and I feel this is the way of showing my gratitude receiving a life in this body.

The motivation comes from the belief that Da Vinci also wants to see my works.  In order to do so, I need your help.  Please support me for the project, and share the fruits of the project with everyone.