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On the first day of the exhibition, a 6 year old girl came to see the work with her mother.  At first, she was very shy, but after a while, she started to feel comfortable enough to have conversation with me.  I asked what did the water god tell her, and she left a note when she went home.
It reads “I like you a lot.  Let’s play together”.

Probably grown-ups do not hear the water god would tell them that he likes them and wants to have fun with them.  Yet, the girl could hear so.

She could easily change her idea of water being something to drink to a friend who can play with her.
Other child felt water is awesome.  From that moment, water is awesome to him forever. 
Another child left a note saying “leave it alone!”  These words may be imprinted on his memory after his mother kept repeating many times.
All are fine.  In either case, the child has new idea of water in his/her mind.

Some heard the water god said “you can do it” while he gives a wink.  For anyone who could hear something from the water god, they would have different sensation next time when they touch water from fountain or drink water from a bottle.  If you have any empathy, I am sure you can do it too.

photo : Yu Nozaki



At the exhibition, I asked people to write down what kinds of message they heard by looking at the water god.  Many left beautiful words, and I really appreciate it.  Those comments are my treasure.  I would like to share some of these.

-          Humans should learn from nature and water.
-          Time to be awakened!
-          We would like to coexist!
-          This planet itself is an art. And each of our life keeps creating present moments.
-          Conserve the nature and water…
-          It looks as if my mom is angry… uuuu!!! Anger.  (6 years old)
-          It’s been polluted… Do something!!
-          Live your life with no regrets!
-          Working behind the scenes
-          I can see the creatures which live on the earth; one time, they look having fun, and other time, they have sad conversation.  At the same time, however, they seem to chase dreams.



There was an exhibition from 2nd to 6th of July.  
I felt the water kept running nicely every day.  Every morning when I got the venue, I greeted to each of my work, and told them to make beautiful streams as usual.  Then, I heard they started to make some sounds.  At first, they sounded a bit restless.  However, after a while, they started to fill the venue with present harmoney.
I could hear the sound here and there; it sounded …koro koro, sui sui, horo horo, shu shu, kon kon…

Many people who visited the exhibition may have heard the sound, and some stopped their steps, open their eyes wide open, and listened it very carefully.

By having conversations with a flow on my work, people opened their heart.  Some kept coming back to the exhibition, had contacts with my work quietly, and went home.
That made my work refined.  As more people see the work, they become genuine little by little by having conversations, being polished, lightened, and started to glow
It seemed to me as if the water transformed into diamonds.

photo : Yu Nozaki



From July 2 to 6, I will have my exhibition “In gratitude for the water of life; Prayer of water” at Happoen in Shirogane, Tokyo.  During the exhibition, I have to give a break to this blog.

Many people support me to have this exhibition.
I am very looking forward to meeting people who share their precious time for this event.  I displayed my works in order to have their water flow as if you can hear the sound of water, which makes the atmosphere of the venue very nice.  As a result, it resonates with the lights in each visitor, and makes them smile.

Each of us has a light in our heart from diamond.  We can amuse the light of diamond inside of us.  How hard the diamond is, the word “thank you” makes the hardness soft.
I try my best to receive the words “thank you” from each visitor at the exhibition.  The beautiful flow of water supports me to do so.  The beautiful flow leads to the beauty of life.

I am looking forward to meeting you at the exhibition.



Yesterday, I had a mini talk show about water and diamond in Yokohama.  Many people spared their precious time for me, and I hope they enjoyed my talk.  It also was a good opportunity for me to ask myself what I really want to tell people.

Followings are conclusions to my own question.
When I talk about diamonds, I want to people to know the meaning of “self”.  In other words, I want people to face their lives, which are the origin of self, and spare some time to think about self and life.
When I talk about water, I want to tell people the meaning of “being alive”.  I want to show the water as a model of how to live a life.

To sum up, I want to tell about the eternal life with a story of diamonds, and living in a moment from the story of water.
I would like to continue to have talks so that more people would realize the message above



In order to determine quality of diamonds, so-called The Four C’s; carat, color, clarity, and cut, are used for certification.  However, this quality is unsupported by fact.
To start with, this is so unnatural to determine the quality of diamonds.  The word “quality” is not suitable when we talk about the natural products.  Don’t you think it is strange to refer the quality of carrots, stones, or woods, for example?

The concept of “quality” comes from when people have to control the quality of the mass produced materials at factories.
Therefore, there is no good or bad diamonds.  All the diamonds are wonderful.
If that is the case, what does The Four C’s mean to us?
This is just a measure in the market in order to price diamonds as a commodity.
If we have to assess the value of diamonds, it would be nice to use the measure which tells us the brilliancy of them.

It is common to other things as well, however, it is very important to know the differences between quality, value, and price.



Glitter of a diamond comes from a harmony of three kinds of lights.
One is a light from reflection by cut surface.  It is the same kind of reflection you can see with mirrors. 
Second one is called scintillation, which happens when light sources move; this case they are our eyes and diamond itself,
The other one is called fire.  This light sparkles with all the colors of the rainbow when internal reflection happens. 

We can see the glitters due to the strong emission of these three lights at the same time.  When the lights are stronger, brighter, and well balanced, the glitter becomes more beautiful.  I often liken this action to music.  Good music has good rhythm, melody, and harmony which move people’s heart. 
I wonder if this is the same when we talk about people’s character.  Because when a person shines in her/his life, I believe that the light comes from one’s wisdom, dignity, and behavior.