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A first few days of August is over, and the nature has brought us a special present at night in return for this heat. 
The full moon has lightened up the half of the earth on fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth night.  It was as bright as that of daytime’s.  The moonlight got in the deep in the room, and it was very bright.

I was feeling romantic, while I sang to myself “Get Out And Get Under The Moon”.  I was still wondering and doubted the fact that the human has landed on the moon once, and returned to the earth again.
On the other hand, Japanese myth talks about rabbits on the moon making rice cake, or 'The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter' (Taketori Monogatari) , and it sounds more likeable to me.
For example, questions like “How much rice cakes have the rabbits made?” or “What does the Moon Princess do on the moon right now?” is more humanly. 

When I think of human and objects relationship, the important thing, I think, is to let our imagination run; what do they mean to us, what kind of relationship do we want, or what is the ideal relationship, and so on.

photo : Yu Nozaki