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When human first found a diamond, it was hard, strong, and unbreakable object.  Therefore, people used it as a charm and put on a sword and shield.  In later years, they were applied to rings and necklace as amulets to expel evil spirits.
In fifteenth century, it became an accessory, and as a symbol of strong bound, it was necessary for wedding ceremonies.  At this time, however, the diamond was put in a ring without polished.
It was not a shining and glittering gem.  It was men’s pure desire to express their feeling towards the love one comparing to diamonds’ unchanging hardness.
They expressed their “eternal love” through diamonds.  That emotion connected the human and object, and nurture the feeling of care for the materials.  Once human started to care about the object, they come closer. 
There, you can see how the true symbiosis exists.
Nowadays natural products and mass-produced commodities are treated the same and used undifferentiated.  Then unwanted objects are wasted so quick.
I really worry that human are treated like object soon.

(This picture is stored in Vatican to show us the design of a ring used for wedding ceremony in 15th century.  )

From DIC History of diamond engage ring